Act now! The way Connecticut funds education is discriminatory and inequitable. As it stands, students of color in our state suffer one of the largest racial funding gaps in the nation. We have to do better. Together, we must demand educational justice and call on our elected officials to close Connecticut’s racial and economic funding gaps and support a student-centered funding system.

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What's at Stake

Connecticut has one of the largest racial funding gaps in the nation. Students in high-need districts are not receiving the same education as students in affluent districts across the state. For too long, we have seen generations of students, many of whom are Black and brown, have limited opportunity and extinguished potential due to a lack of resources. And, while passionate community members have stepped in to effect change, the racial and economic funding disparities remain.

Unless we act now, students across Connecticut will continue operating with fewer opportunities —prolonging the systemic inequities preventing them from reaching their full potential. We must close the racial and economic gaps in education funding, and give every student a chance at success in and outside of the classroom. It’s time to implement a student-centered funding system that truly and fairly accounts for the needs of Connecticut’s students.

Our students are our future. Connecticut’s future teachers, elected officials, doctors, and entrepreneurs are attending our schools right now. We must look them in the eyes and tell them with honesty that they matter, they have purpose, and that we will provide them with the resources and experiences necessary to thrive.

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About the Education Justice Now Coalition

The Education Justice Now Coalition is a diverse group of education policy organizations who have come together to fight for equitable education funding for all students, and to end Connecticut’s discriminatory education funding system.

Leveraging each organization’s unique capacities, constituencies, and skills, the Coalition is focused on closing the racial and economic gaps in Connecticut education funding, including the $713 million funding gap between districts primarily serving white students and those serving students of color.

Together, the Coalition’s members are working to advance a student-centered funding system that would fully fund all students based on their individual learning needs, and finally deliver the equitable funding Connecticut’s communities need.

Coalition members include: Educators for Excellence, the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN), the Connecticut Charter Schools Association, the School and State Finance Project, and FaithActs for Education.